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What Might Save Your Horse’s Life

When asking other horse owners, trainers, or breeders, about their horses, many of them can give you an in depth look into what goes into the care of these animals. Exactly what medications they are on and why, their training schedules, any previous medical ailments and how they are taking preventative and corrective measures, and what feed or supplements they are on. However, if you asked any of these people if their feed came from an equine only facility, most probably never thought about it, or they are aware, but not overly concerned about the issue.


Purchasing feed from an equine only facility is something that many horse owners and professionals alike do not think much about until it is too late. Sure, for the most part buying feed from a mill that also produces cattle and other animal feeds won’t cause a problem to you and your horses. However…mistakes happen in every business. When a mistake such as contamination of your horse’s feed with antibiotics and medications that are toxic to horses occur, unfortunately this mistake is not one easily shrugged off. This mistake causes death to the horses it affects, and we are left wishing we had paid more attention to a detail that seemed small and insignificant at the time.


In 2014, there were multiple deaths of horses in Florida due to a mistake in manufacturing that caused toxic antibiotics and medications to be accidentally mixed into horse feeds. This is not an issue that should be easily ignored due to convenience, cheaper feeds, or even a relationship with a company that manufactures multiple animal feeds. When deciding on which feed company to use, equine only should be at the TOP on your list of requirements.


So next time you are talking with your friends about what they are feeding their horses, remember what is absolutely crucial in preventing potential harm to your animal. Equine only facilities are the only places you should be shopping for horse feed…PERIOD!