Samantha Hegstrom
Samantha HegstromAncora Stables
“Since feeding Excel the horses have filled out and gained weight appropriately…I feed less because of the superior quality, and their coats are shiny.”
Whitney Morris
Whitney MorrisMorris Farm Eventing - Lexington, KY
“We recently switched to Excel Equine® and the customer service has been fantastic! The staff is very knowledgeable and they have a wide selection of feed!”
Caitlin Halliwell
Caitlin HalliwellRed Horse Training
“I love Excel Equine® Feeds. I use Animate® and Stability® for my performance and lesson horses. Excel is a local feed company, I love knowing exactly what’s going into my feed every time.”
Courtney Lau
Courtney LauFlying Cross Farm
“We feed Trifiber Compete® to our performance horse and project horses, and Seniority® to our older horses. They are all thriving on Excel Equine® products.”
Nikki Peterson
Nikki PetersonRazor Creek Stables
“I love Excel Equine® Feeds because I know I’m getting the highest quality feed delivered by friendly, knowledgeable horse people.”
Carli McGinley
Carli McGinleyECM Equestrian
“You can see the difference. It doesn’t take long to use a quality product and get a quality result.”

Mary Rose Cissell
Horsemen Helping Horses

“I started feeding Excel Equine® products three months ago after too many of my boarders started demanding it for me to ignore. The overall quality of our horses’ care went up exponentially. So, I decided to switch the whole barn over to Excel Equine Feeds.”

“We recently took in an emaciated gelding from Eastern KY named Gilligan through our nonprofit Horsemen Helping Horses. We started him on Senior Plus® once he was stabilized and he started progressing immediately. After a week, we put him on Excel Equine’s supplement EquiGleam® to help his coat condition. The progress that followed after starting him on it was incredible, his coat started to shine, his sore hooves hardened up, and he started looking much healthier overall, even though he was not up to a proper weight just yet. After four weeks of feeding under Excel Equine’s guidance, Gilligan looked and felt like a completely different horse. We are so thankful to have Excel Equine as our partners.”