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What Does Quality Control at Excel Equine Look Like?

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Ever wonder what goes into making sure your horse’s feed is top notch? I’m not just talking about what ingredients are used. I’m speaking more in terms of how the ingredients get into each bag of feed and what goes into the testing, manufacturing, and overall quality control of your horse’s grain. Excel Equine® prides itself on not only being an equine only feed manufacturing facility, but also one that takes exceptional care in making certain everything in your horse’s feed is safe, quality, and consistent.

For starters, all ingredients that arrive at our facility are analyzed. What are we analyzing it for you might ask? We test for things like mycotoxins, nutrient content, and moisture. If the ingredients come back to us showing contamination of some kind or not meeting the minimum requirements we have in regards to nutrients, then they are not utilized in the making of our horse feeds. These ingredients also go through several grain cleaners and over large magnets to make sure they are as clean as possible.

Once the basic ingredients pass inspection, we can then start the process of making feed. Our feed is made in a facility that is kept under close watch in regards to cleanliness. We have a rodent control program in place all year long as well as an insect control program that is implemented in the warmer months. We have a central vac system to keep the dust to a minimum as well as a cyclone dust collector that vacuums the dust and fines off of the pelleted products. Another way we make certain product is clean before it enters into the bag is by having sealed grain moving equipment. These act as barriers to any foreign product from accidentally getting into a bag of feed.  Apart from preventing foreign objects from getting into bags, we also ensure that none of the feed itself is mixed together. In between each run of a product, the bins that stored the recently bagged feed are thoroughly cleaned out so as to eliminate cross mixing of different feeds.

There are additional practices we have in place that help the end user have confidence that their feed is going come to them as fresh as possible. We have an acronym FIFO that we use which stands for “First in First out.” This means that feed is rotated appropriately to avoid selling bags that are past their prime. There are also other quality control methods that we use to help ensure freshness. Excel uses a human grade mold inhibitor in its molasses to help ensure the feed’s quality. This also allows us to not have to transition between different molasses formulations between seasons. In the winter, high molasses feeds will “brick up” making them hard to scoop. The mold inhibitor helps with that and all we have to do now is slightly decrease the molasses we use in the winter time for our higher molasses feeds. Also, our textured feeds are guaranteed for a shelf life of 90 days and 180 days for pelleted products. In regards to the bags, our products are in water resistant bags that help if feed were to accidentally come into contact with some water during delivery.

It’s not enough to just formulate a great feed…we have to keep it safe as well. In order for this to happen, certain quality control measures are clearly taken into place at Excel Equine® . We not only want to have top notch nutrition, but also top notch safety features at our facility. You can rest assured, buying from Excel Equine® will give you the peace of mind you desire when it comes to providing nutrition to your horses.